Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Manual Focus Lenses and Exposure Issues on Canon DSLR

Canon 1D Mark III & EF 180mm f3.5 Macro

If you have been using manual focus lenses on Canon DSLRs, you will know that the exposure is not accurate as you stop the lens down.  Basically you need to compensate -1 stop for each stop down.  On the 1-series of bodies, this is not as bad, but it's still there.  The severity depends on the lens.  Some are better than others, but all seem to exhibit this problem.  You will eventually get used to it and automatically adjust.  When live-view appears on the Canon DSLRs, and if you take pictures using it with manual focus lenses, the problem is gone.  Very accurate exposure on any aperture using live-view.

For EVIL users, they never knew what the fuzz is all about, since all of them use some sort of live-view and exposure has never been an issue.  This is one reason I like using manual focus lenses on EVIL cameras -- very accurate exposures on any aperture.

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