Thursday, February 23, 2012

Graffiti Alley Toronto

Just a couple of blocks away from my work place, is the [in]famous Graffiti Alley in Toronto.  Basically, pretty much all of the walls in that alley is covered by graffiti.  No, it is not vandalism.  Graffiti artists are actually encouraged to do their art there.

Will You Marry Me
Will you marry me -- NEX-5N & Vivitar 24mm f2 OM Mount.

I have been there a few times, but I find that most of them are not sufficiently different to be interesting.  In other words, there aren't that many interesting ones that I like, possibly because I don't know graffiti art, but that's my opinion.  But, if you have never been there, it's quite an intriguing place to visit for the first time.

Graffiti building -- NEX-5N & Vivitar 24mm f2 OM Mount

One thing I didn't mention about the Vivitar/Kiron 24mm f2 lens, is that the bokeh is not very nice, at least not to my liking.  In some ways, it slightly resembles the Vivitar 35mm f1.9 wide open.  But, this lens is definitely very sharp when stopped down to around f4 to f11.  Even at f2.8 it's excellent.

Ugly bokeh?  -- NEX-5N & Vivitar 24mm f2 @ f2

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