Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ryan at Music Recital

Ryan at music recital
Ryan on piano -- 1D Mark III & EF 50mm f1.2L @ f1.2, ISO 1600

My kid's music school had another recital today, and Ryan was asked to play.  I was awed by some of the very young but extremely talented players at the recital.  Few of them are younger than ten years old, but played complex pieces with ease.  Not only that, they played more than one instrument without breaking a sweat, not at the same time of course.  I think it was a great event for kids to learn from each other.


  1. What do you owe to your kids interest in music. What have you and your wife done to encourage that interest?

  2. @Paul: both my wife and I do not play any music, but we love music. We simply want our kids to enjoy music and be able to play music for their own enjoyment. We don't expect them to have a career in music (unless they want to). Most kids like music naturally, though the might not like to practice, but once they get better at playing, it encourages them to play more.