Tuesday, September 6, 2011

NEX-7 It Is

Pretty Flowers -- Panasonic G1 & Kodak 50mm f1.6 Cine Lens. Click for larger.

Thanks to all who have given me your thoughts on NEX-5N/NEX-7.  Today, I took out the Panasonic G1 since my NEX-5 is in the shop, and I can't believe how much I missed the EVF, and how much easier it is to focus manually through it.  The EVF is already very good in the G1, I can't imagine how much better it is in the NEX-7.  Therefore, I have decided to wait for the NEX-7.  Will sell the NEX-5 and get the NEX-7 with the black kit lens and the E-Mount 50mm f1.8.  I would love to get the Zeiss 24mm f1.8 but it's more than a grand.  It will have to be in the next year's toy budget.

I know it will be a torturous couple of month before I can get my hands on the NEX-7, I just hope I won't be disappointed with the image quality.


  1. I will be interested to see if it is in fact any better at all. G1 was and is great!

  2. Yes, absolutely agree with you ! I just bought a Lumix G1 recently, the handling, performance and EVF is really good. The only point i can complain is without video recording. I used it with my Canon FD 50mm F1.4 lenses, the manual focus zoom on the EVF has help me to focus using the Canon FD lenses a lot. Really enjoy it !

  3. @obakesan: I am sure the EVF will be much better but I have my doubts about the sensor. Why not use the sensor from the NEX-5N?