Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Canon 5D II Price Drop

Prelude to Autumn -- NEX-5 & Voigtlander Zoomar 36-82mm f2.8. Click for larger.

Just checked Henry's and the price of the Canon 5D Mark II is now officially under $2000 ($1999.99).  This is great news, not the least is that it will drive the price the used 5D II way down, but also makes my decision even more difficult to choose between the NEX-7 and 5D II.  There are two things that are going for the 5D II: exceptionally good high ISO performance, and full frame.  The NEX-7, of course, is the small size, view finder, and hopefully good enough image quality.  At this moment, I am considering a 5D II, and then upgrade my NEX-5 to the NEX-5N.  Decisions, decisions.


  1. here's hoping it drives down the prices of the 5D Mk1 ... but the average Australian buyer is too thick to notice and the camera shops here too greedy too

  2. Grab one cos I'm not seeing that anywhere else

  3. @obakesan: most of the Canadian retailers have the same price reduction. I think/hope it's permanent. For sure the 5D classic can be had for around $600-700. Can't imagine a better bargain in camera gear.