Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Full Frame Temptation

Leslieville -- NEX-5N & Tokina 17mm f3.5. Click for larger.

The recent price drop of the 5D II in Canada to under $2000 caused the used 5D II's price to also go down.  I have seen some were selling for around $1700CAD on Craigslist.  Almost purchased one for $1600, but I found the camera has more than 100K shutter actuations on it, and I backed out of the deal. I read somewhere that this new price should stay at this level for at least until Christmas.  Personally, I think Canon is about to introduce a 5D II replacement, hence the price drop.  The current 5D II really has no competitors except the Nikon D700, as the Sony A850 and A900 have been discontinued, and the 5D II is already outselling the D700, so there isn't much of a reason for the price reduction.

Some may question what's the big deal about a full frame camera.  After using one (3 actually: 5D, 1Ds, Kodak SLR/c), it's nice to be able to use lenses as they were intended to use.  The picture above was taken with a 17mm lens, but the field of view is 25.5mm on the NEX-5.  The impact from the ultra wide 17mm is definitely lost in this 25.5mm equivalent picture.

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  1. Totally agree. Once you start using Full Frame, its hard to go back to a DX camera. I dream of a NEX like camera with full frame and a sub $1000 price tag!