Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Why I Want to Try the 1D Mark III Again?

Going to school -- 1D Mark III & EF 135mm f2 @ f2.2, ISO 400. Click for larger.

My original plan, back in 2009, was to buy a 1D III, which was to be my only Canon body for any serious shooting, and a smaller carry everywhere camera (Panasonic G1), plus an IR camera, and I would be set for the next few years.  The 1.3X crop view of the 1D III is close enough to full frame that I was willing to compromise.  Alas, the AF fiasco of the 1D III threw everything off-course, and consequently I went through so many camera bodies in such a short time.

Looking back at the images taken with the 1D III ignites the love side of it in me.  The clarity and noise free (<= ISO 400) images that the T2i, T3i, 7D, 60D, G1, NEX-5 etc, can not match, and it's lighter than the 1D IIn.  So, I am trying this again: 1D III, NEX-5 (and G1), IR 20D and I think I should be good for a couple of years, barring any really good EVIL camera that comes out with compelling features that I must have.  I hope that the 1D III that I am going to get will not give me any problems.  As for full frame, perhaps a used 5D II or a 1Ds II in a couple of years.


  1. Nice shot..

    Enjoy the 1D!

    I you love photography, then why not!


  2. I haven't gotten the 1D III yet. This picture was from the 1D III I briefly owned two years ago.