Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily -- NEX-5 & Rollei QBM Mount Carl Zeiss 50mm f1.4 @ f2.

Some lenses, although I don't use often, but always seem to be at the back of my head.  I am reminded of them once in a while to take them out and make some pictures with them.  This Rollei Mount Carl Zeiss 50mm f1.4 Planar is one of those lenses.  It's supremely sharp and renders pictures beautifully with nice details.  The problem is of course, that I have too many lenses in this focal length.  But, every time I use it, it never disappoints me.


  1. Planar is hard to beat. Lovely image and bokeh

  2. @Paul: Indeed the Planar is an excellent optical design. This particular one is a gem.