Saturday, July 9, 2011

Gear Shifted

Green -- NEX-5 & Takumar SMC 28mm f3.5. Click for larger.

I have done it.  Today I picked up a used, but mint condition 1D Mark III that's out of the sub mirror repair range.  One thing I noticed immediately, is how bad the 3" LCD screen compared to the NEX-5.  When I first got in 2009, it wasn't so bad because I didn't have any camera that had a better screen, but it definitely looks terrible next to the NEX-5.  Everything else though, I like it.  Very clean and nice files; good size RAW files, and everything is so responsive.  One of the things I could not get used to on the NEX-5, is how slow it is to turn out from sleep mode, and how slow it is respond to the enlarge button on review.

This minor upgrade to replace my 1D IIn, which I am already putting up for sale on Craigslist, hopefully will last at least three to five years.  I simply run out of money to upgrade to anything else for the next while :)

My finger is crossed that this camera will not give me any problems, or I will be banging my head, over and over.


  1. Since I got my 1DMk3 I haven't stopped using it. It made me yearn for a 1DsMk3 since I do miss having full frame and the ultra wideness for landscapes with the 17-40mm. My 5DMk2 came out of the drybox last weekend after a good two months of inactivity. Yes the LCD sucks but it is better than the IIn yes? :)

  2. @Chester: the 1D III is a nice camera. I think the 1.3x crop is a good compromise, but yeah, full frame is better! The LCD screen is indeed better than the 1D IIn, but when compared to the 5D II or NEX-5, the difference is huge.