Monday, July 4, 2011

Change of Plan

Making phone calls -- NEX-5 & OM 35mm f2. Click for larger.

I have decided not to do any more lens comparisons for the next little while.  I find it extremely boring and tedious. My apologies. If I do decide to do it again, it would be once in a while.

Another change of plan, is the camera upgrades.  I have wanted a 5D II for over a year now, and it looks like the price is not coming down.  I have decided to upgrade my 1D IIn to a 1D III instead.  Looking back at the files I have with the original 1D III I had, I am very happy with the image quality, especially high ISO images.  ISO 3200 looks fantastic and that's probably the highest I would need for most shootings.  I would have kept the 1D III if it were not for the auto focus issues.  I am now looking for one that has a sub-mirror fixed in the factory, or Blue-Dot version of the camera.  Hopefully by the end of the week, I will have a 1D III again.  


  1. It was interesting while it lasted, but to be honest the differences were not miles apart. Are you 100% sure about a 1D III, the Sony NEX-7 could be just around the corner?

  2. Similar lenses usually do not have huge differences in performance, especially when it comes to higher grade gear.

    I need a fast camera to shoot my kid's sport events. The 1D III is just an upgrade for my existing 1D IIn. when the NEX-7 comes out and if it's worth upgrading, I will save up for it.

  3. You may not have noticed but the words for STARBUCKS COFFEE has specific letters covered up by foliage and signage. When I first glanced at the photo I thought it said F UCK OFF. ROFLOL!! Did you subliminally see that and snapped it. :)