Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sony 16mm f2.8 Pancake Lens on NEX-5

Picked up the backed ordered pancake lens yesterday and took a bunch of pictures around my work area during lunch today.

Most reviews of the 16mm f2.8 pancake lens are not very favourable.  Photozone gives it one and a half star out of five, for optical quality, which I think is a bit unjust.  We need to keep in mind  that this is not an expensive lens; it's built to be small and therefore some compromises are made for optical quality, not to mention it's a ultra wide lens.  From the samples I have taken, the edge is acceptable at f8.  If you must have razor sharp corners below f8, you should be looking at the likes of Distagon 21mm f2.8

I happen to like this little lens.  It has very good center sharpness.  The small size, when paired with the NEX-5, it feels nice and balances well.  The only "complain" I have, is that this lens is too wide for everyday shooting.  I think a 35mm equivalent focal length would be ideal.  Imagine a 35mm f2 equivalent lens on the NEX.  I won't even need the Fuji X-100 any more!

I am sure I learn more about both the 16mm f2.8 and the NEX-5 after some use.  So far, I am relatively happy with the NEX-5 and the dual lens kit.

The Ontario College of Art & Design building -- NEX-5 & 16mm f2.8 Pancake lens at f8. Click to see larger.

Old Church -- NEX-5 & 16mm f2.8 Pancake.

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