Saturday, December 25, 2010

My Plans for 2011

The year 2010 proved to be a year of gear changes.  It satisfied the urge to try new toys, but was not very conductive to actual photography.  My goal for 2011 is to settle down, and spend more time with picture taking, and less time playing with equipment.  There is only one piece of gear I really want for 2011, and few misc stuff:

5D Mark II -- I don't see the price of this camera coming down until late 2011 or even early 2012, when the new model starts shipping.  I don't absolutely need the camera, but I feel that my equipment will be more complete with a full frame body capable of providing very clean high ISO images.  Judging from the 5D's auto focus system, I am satisfied with the accuracy of the one in 5D II.  I never had problem with auto focusing on the 5D.  If anything, it was one of the most "ACCURATE" cameras I have had.  If I need anything faster, there is always the 1D IIn.  But, if the 5D Mark III comes with 7D's auto focus system,  and retains the clean image quality of the 5D II, I may consider the new model.

NEX-5 accessories -- mostly adapters for various lens mounts.  The NEX will replace my G1 for use with most of my manual focus lenses.  The Panny G1 will be given to Dillon, who will use it occasionally.  This body is next to worthless in the used market so it's not really worth selling.

DIY Lenses -- Instead of buying more lenses, I will be spending more time on DIY lenses. I would like to make the TTH Cooke 75mm f2 lens to be usable on the NEX.  This lens has no focusing ring and very short lens to sensor flange so lots of work will be needed.  The other two lenses I want to make usable is the Wollensak 75mm f1.9 medium format lens, and the Ilex 80mm f1.3 Oscillo-Paragon.  I don't have much hope for optical quality for the Ilex lens, but it would be interesting to see how good it is at f1.3.  Even if the optical quality is not there, I am sure it will have some unique characteristics that gave birth to its existence. If time permits, I would also like to try some more enlarging lenses which I started a couple of years ago.

Clean out more junk -- There are so much junk that I have accumulated over the years from the old Henry's Outlet Store that I need to get rid of.  Most of the them are worthless and probably will be giving away.  The three large cases of manual focus lenses must go.  I will keep some of them for parts, but don't need that many.  Most of the usable manual focus lenses will be sold to fund the 5D II body purchase.

We will see how my plans pan out in 2011.

Clouds over transmission lines -- NEX-5 & 18-55mm kit lens. Click to see larger.


  1. I would like to experiment more with DIY lenses too. When adapting enlarging lens such as the 50mm Componon and others for use with M/4/3s and other cameras how do you go about selecting a helicoid mount to allow focusing?

  2. Hi Paul, please see the DIY focusing helicoid I posted today. You can also use tube/mount from borken lenses and plant the enlarger lenses inside. I did a few like that. Please see my Pbase Gallery on DIY lenses:

  3. A very nice guide you have posted on the DIY helicoid. Thank you for taking the time; it is very helpful.