Friday, December 3, 2010

Santa Bear

Santa Bear - G1 & Canon FD 50mm f1.4 SSC @ f1.4. Click to see larger

Continuing the holiday theme.  My goal for December is that any pictures I post here is holiday related.  Shouldn't be too difficult, considering holiday decorations and happenings are everywhere.

As I use the FD lenses more, I have a new appreciation of the old Canon manual focus lenses.  Makes me want to sell off all other old lenses and start a FD collection.  There are so many of them, and some of them are definitely equal to, if not better than today's modern lenses.  This is especially true for the the L series.  50mm f1.2L, 85mm f1.2L, 24mm f1.4L, 200mm f1.8L, etc, which are predecessors of today's auto focus EF L lenses.  But, these FD L lenses still command a very high premium, probably more so later on as more and more people discover the beautifully made, and optically great FD lenses to use on the Micro 4/3 and NEX cameras.


  1. indeed they do work well on the G1 ... seems to be made for it in fact!

  2. Love your blog and your images. Do you have any experience or suggestions regarding Canon FD 135mm and 200mm lenses?

  3. Paul, the only 135mm FD lens I had was the FD 135mm f2.8. It's not a bad lens, but just an ordinary lens like most other makes. If you really want a good 135mm FD lens, you may want to consider the FD 135mm f2, or even the FD 135mm f2.5 are excellent choices. The only 200mm FD lens I have is the 200mm f4. I like it a lot. It's compact and very sharp, but if you are looking for something faster, obviously, the 200mm f2.8 is better, or if you can find one, the FD 200mm f1.8L. Sorry, not much help to you, because I don't use the focal length you mention much on the FD.

  4. Mr. Chan, Please see link below.
    Someone using your image for selling the lens without your confirmation.