Friday, December 31, 2010

ILEX 3 INCH (80mm) f1.3 Oscillo-Paragon -- More Samples

Took some more shots with the ILEX 80mm f1.3.  Tested some bokeh shots and found it's, well, kind of weird, if not ugly.  I guess the lens wasn't designed for nice background blurs.  Perhaps the lighting and elements in the picture have something to do with it, but I tried the same scene with the Canon FD 55mm f1.2 and Wollensak 75mm f1.9, both produced nicer bokeh.

In any case, an inexpensive 80mm f1.3 lens is intriguing; who doesn't want a cheap fast portrait lens?  You get what you paid for applies here, as it seems.  Will do some testing outdoors when I get a chance.

Megan -- NEX-5 & ILEX 80mm f1.3 @ f1.3. Click for larger size.

Weird Bokeh -- NEX-5 & ILEX 80mm f1.3 @ f1.3

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  1. I have a lens that I made with a magnifying glass that produces pretty much the same soft look.