Monday, July 5, 2010

Some Great News and Big Thank You

First, I would like to thank natebarnz, obakesan , and cobain who left me comments and encouragements for safe data recovery.  It means a lot to me.  And the great news  is that I can now connect to the Drobo again.  It's currently in the rebuild/relayout process, but I can access the data.  As matter of fact, I am copying some of the data off of it while the process is going.  The copying is very slow at around 9MB/s, but it's going.

I want to thank god who answered my prayers.  Somewhere out there, the higher power is watching over me.  I am grateful. 

Tomorrow I am going to buy a 2 TB drive and copy everything over from the Drobo.  I don't feel safe having all the eggs in one basket.

So far everything is looking good.


  1. That's great news!

  2. Great news indeed. I think your redundancy option will put your mind at ease. Data storage can be so cheap these days you could even go the next step and create a similar Drobo local redundancy on your main system. Then you have a redundant backup of a redundant system. Obviously off site storage is the real key to having a, almost, fail safe option but that might be overboard for your needs.

    Congratulation on the successful return

  3. @natebarnz: I think I will have at least two copies of the data from now on. One on Drobo and a copy on an external drive. This is the cheapest option for me, for now.

    @mawz: Thanks!

  4. bewdy ... glad to hear it went well. I also have a policy (personal) of using something (like irfanview) to make 2048 x whatever sized jpg's of the files on yet another (usb) drive. This way if disaster occurs I have them to go back to which are at least good enough for small prints