Thursday, July 15, 2010

Back to Basics

As much as I love the 7D, I just can't get used to its image quality.  The sensor in this camera (and the T2i) seems to depart from the traditional Canon image sensor characteristics:  very clean and beautiful low ISO quality.  Perhaps I have not used both the 7D long enough, but I keep looking for  quality in previous cameras that I owned.

In any case, I picked up a 1D Mark IIn today.  This is my fourth 1-series body, after the 1D, 1D II, and the 1Ds.  I kept the 1D II longest, and always felt a bit of a regret selling it.  The n version of the 1D II adds a larger 2.5" screen, and picture styles, plus you can now specify RAW to go on one card, and jpeg files go on the other.  Other than that, not much difference from the 1D II.

Perhaps I knew this would happen, either with a 1Ds II or another 1D II/n, as I have kept my Kirk bracket, and the EC-L split screen.  Yes the 1D II is much heavier than the 7D, and the screen is not as nice, but I get wider angle on the same lens, and smaller files, 8 MB vs 25 MB!

Already have a potential buyer for the 7D.  I will probably miss its overall speed and the nice 3 inch screen, but the Mark IIn should keep me happy, for a little while anyway.

Rusty Fence -- Canon 7D & Leica-R 90mm f2 Summicron. Click to see larger.

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  1. congratulations!
    pm you for the 7D.

    - Pat