Thursday, July 22, 2010

Kew Beach

Kew Beach -- Canon 1D Mark IIn & EF 135mm f2L. Larger.

One of the things that makes owning a flagship Canon camera is that you can trust it to give you what you expect, especially with the autofocus.  Whenever I use my 1-series camera, with the exception of the short lived (to me) 1D Mark III, I have complete trust in its autofocus system, and that's a liberating feeling.  I can concentrate of capturing the moment instead of worrying about if the picture will be in focus or not.  And, you know the image quality is the best that Canon can produce in that generation of sensor design.  I have never been disappointed with image quality, when you remember its limitations.  The original 1D and 1Ds weren't great at high ISO, but they were clean and near perfect at base ISO. With each generation of sensor design, they only get better.  Remember, I am talking about the 1-Series, not the 7D or T2i, which I wasn't impressed with at all.

So, I am quite happy with the Mark IIn.  It's a very balanced camera and the most reliable. I am sure this will be with me for a couple of years at least, until I can afford a 1D mark IV.

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