Sunday, July 18, 2010


Shinobi -- Canon 1D Mark IIn & Leica-R 90mm f2 Summicron. Larger.

I now realized why I didn't like the 7D & T2i's image quality as much as my older cameras -- the missing details in the images.  Yes, there are 18 mega pixels in the image, but these 18MP images seem to have less details than I am used to see in the 1D Mark II/5D/30D.  At low ISO, the 7D & T2i seem to contain lots of chroma noise in the shadow area, whereas in the previous cameras, like the 1D II, 5D, 30D, etc, it's very clean.  At higher ISO, the 7D & T2i seem to be muddy and lack even more details, no doubt due to the heavy noise reduction. I guess there is a price to be paid for more pixels, which I don't really care for.  Give me D700 pixel quality and resolution, I will be a very happy camper.

I hope Canon will not increase the pixel count for the 5D Mark III.  21MP is more than most sane people will ever need.  Better yet, they should reduce it to 16MP but increase the Dynamic Range and even cleaner images.

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