Monday, July 19, 2010

Port of Toronto II

Port of Toronto -- Canon 1D Mark IIn & Tamron SP Adpatall II 35-80mm f2.8-3.8. Larger.

I am really surprised how good this lens is.  I don't normally like zoom lenses, especially this kind of awkward focal length on non-full frame cameras.  But, the SP moniker is not just a marketing ploy, at least not with this one.  Besides the very sharp images with good microcontrast when stopped down a bit, one of the cool features of this lens is the very close focusing capabilities, down to 0.27 meters at 80mm, and at a 1:2.5 magnification ratio.  This is almost at the macro territory.  For a lens that costs so little used, it's indeed a bargain.  You do need to look out for loose rubber focusing/zoom grip skins.  I had to replace my rubber grip on the focusing ring with one from another lens.

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