Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Adam's FM2N

Adam's FM2N -- Taken with 5D II & Canon 24mm T/S lens, ISO 1600. Larger

Was doing some research on the 5D Mark II, which I really want to be my next camera.  After some thought, I have decided to go for the 5D II instead of the 1Ds II.  So I was digging into my archives for some sample pictures I took almost a year ago at the old Henry's Outlet Store with the 5D II.  So far, I am quite happy with the 5D's images at 1600 ISO.  It does not have the muddiness that the 7D and T2i images do at anything over ISO 200.  This re-enforces my decision to get the 5D II.

Anyway, Adam's FM2n is gone.  I am sure he will miss it, and I won't be surprised that he even buys it back later.


  1. Hi, that's part of the reason why I eventually went with the 5DMk2 as much as I like the new metering and focusing ability of the 7D, I likened and preferred the high ISO output of the 5DMk2. Focusing I'll just adapt and use centre and recompose whilst not a solution for moving targets I can work with it. A 7D may still be in the future as another body but maybe I'll consider a similar position as you with a used 1D IIn for those instances where speed and focusing combined is a req't.
    No hurry for additional body/equipment so wait...maybe a 60D will come and hopefully not have a bloated megapixel sensor, maybe even no video, with Canon focusing (pun unintended) on image quality at high ISO without sacrificing detail.

  2. Chester, yup the high ISO quality of the 5D II is pretty amazing. Very clean at 1600. I think a 1D II and a 5D II are a good combination that should satisfy most situations.

    I wouldn't hold my breath about the 60D. Most likely will have the same sensor as the one in the 7D. Cheaper for Canon to use same sensor.