Friday, February 19, 2010

What Motivates You to Take Pictures?

Benches @ Moss Park -- Panasonic G1 & JML 50mm f0.95. ISO 800.

Photography is a hobby like many others. After a while, some people will lose interest and the hobby will slowly die. I have been at it since 1980. Started with a Yashica range finder that I still have, though the light seal is all but gone. It produced surprisingly sharp pictures with a glass lens, while most others in its class were using plastic lenses.

I still don't know why I liked to take pictures. The snapshots from the Yashica were nothing good, but I liked looking at those pictures. This was the primary reason I took pictures. I took lots of pictures when I was going out with my then girlfriend (now wife), and then kids came along. More pictures.

Partway through my life, aside from leaving behind memories from pictures, I started to think about and tried to take some good pictures. For some reason, I have always thought that I could take some really great pictures if I tried. Those great pictures have yet to materialize, but it still gives me reason to take pictures.

Things have taken a turn for the worse in the last few years. Lenses, cameras, and other photographic hardware have been my primary concern. I have spent far more time and energy on playing with gears than thinking of taking some great pictures. Regardless, gears also give me reason to take pictures, so that may not have been all bad. Perhaps, without different gears to play with, my interest in photography might have been dead.

I still have the dream that I can take some great shots. Maybe, this is what has been motivating me to keep at my photographic hobby going.

What motivates you to keep taking pictures?

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  1. mostly its about showing people what I see and how I see it.

    Things which are mundane, rarely seen out of context (like when I travel) or simply noone looks at them.

    Its a beautiful world and I want people to see that beauty ... who knows, they may come to love the place more