Saturday, February 6, 2010

Gear Addiction

Shinobi -- Panasonic G1 with JML 50mm f0.95 @ f0.95. Larger Picture.

I am sure many of you gear lovers will know, acquiring gear is addictive. It does not matter how hard I tried to tell myself that I already have enough stuff, and I should get rid of those I do not need. Well, half of that works.

I do manage to get rid of some gears often. The problem is keeping the money in the bank. Every time some stuff gets sold, and had a little bid of money in the bank account, I would become uncomfortable. It's as though a criminal act to have money sitting in the bank and not spend on something that I really want. That's why I am often broke, with lots of semi-useless gears lying around waiting to be getting rid of. This evil cycle would start again.

Good thing the wife takes care of the finances!

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