Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The New Canon Rebel T2i (550D) Digital Camera

My first DSLR was the original 300D. That camera was a ground breaking product for both Canon and the digital SLR market. The first DSLR that was sold under $1000US. Naturally, we Canadian paid more, as we always seems to get the short end of the stick when it comes to pricing on camera gear. We pay an average 20% to 40% more than our American neighbours. But I never regretted buying the Rebel 300D new. The memories it captured of my kids are priceless.

That was year 2003.

Almost 7 years later, Canon announced the 6th generation Rebel -- the T2i or 550D. More megapixels, faster (just barely), gorgeous LCD screen, Live-View, and best of all, full HD video.

I am not a video guy, but I have been itching to try it. I thought about the 5D II, but can't afford it. The T1i was nice, but, crippled at only 20 frames per second on 1080p. The 7D is also very nice, but still too expensive as my third camera. The T2i seems just perfect in terms of price and features.

I think this camera will shake up the market again, though not as much as the original Rebel, forcing most manufacturers to put full HD video on even the entry level DSLRs. I do think that 18 megapixels is kind of ridiculous. 12 MP with ultra high ISO will be better than 18PM with good high ISO.

This might be my second brand new Digital Rebel!

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