Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ghost Bicycle

Ghost Bicycle -- Canon 1D Mark III & EF 135mm f2L @ f2.5. Larger Picture.

[Updated October 23, 2009]
Adam has pointed out that this is a ghost bicycle, placed near or where the cyclist was killed. I am ashamed of my ignorance to such things, so I Googled on Ghost Bicycles and learned more about it. Googled also turned up the event reported on cbc when the cyclist was killed. The man was struck and killed by a Streetcar on Spadina Avenue. I took this picture on Spadina just south of College from my car. Tragic event. May the man rest in peace.
[end Update]

I am sure someone did this as a art piece, you don't think? Interesting.
Found out that my 1D Mark III's firmware was not up to date. Updated to the latest f1.2.5. Will see how it goes. I am already starting to get the feel for this camera.


  1. It's a Ghost Bicycle, placed to commemorate a cyclist who was killed there.

  2. Thanks Adam. I am sorry to hear the lost of the cyclist. I bike to work everyday and sometime do feel the danger from time to time. There are reckless drivers as well as cyclist. We all need to respect each other to stay safe.