Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Another Look at the Canon FD 35mm f2 S.S.C

I have lost count of how many lenses I have in the 35mm focal length, and yet, I continue to buy them. Sure sign of addiction to G.A.S (Gear Acquisition Syndrome). The Canon FD 35mm f2 was purchased a little over a year ago, but didn't get used much. I briefly wrote about it here. Dug it out and carried it around in the last few days trying to get a better feel for the lens. There is no doubt that this lens is very sharp and I found it excellent for street shooting on the NEX-6, which is roughly equivalent to 52mm in full frame terms.

The lens exhibits high contrast and sharpness is excellent. Already pretty good at f2 but much better when stopped down just a bit. I think it is perfect as a walk around lens.

Rain in winter - NEX-6 & Canon FD 35mm f2 S.S.C. Click for larger.


  1. 35mm, about 16 pcs of prime lenses; about 4 pcs, zoom lenses starting with 35mm-xxmm... whew!


    1. Emmanuel, I Can always count on you to keep track of my lenses!

  2. always a pleasure to keep a database of your lenses. often when i see a nice lens up for auction i consult the database to see whether you already did street or field testing on the lens.

    will send you the more recent database via email.