Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Why We Are Not Getting What We Want

EOSHD has a very nice article on camera manufacturers moving away from real camera enthusiasts and cater to the masses who don't care much about real cameras.  I agree with everything the article says, and it's truly sad where the market is heading.

Nikon is rumored to have a 36MP D800 coming very soon.  Think about it.  Couple of years ago, lower end medium format digital backs were at this resolution.  What is the real percentage of photographer who actually NEED this kind of resolution?  The rest just wanted a camera that can show off the fact that they have the highest resolution 35mm digital SRL in the world (at the moment, because Canon/Sony won't be far behind.  We can count on it).

Another case in point is the 24MP Sony sensor used in the A77/A65/NEX-7.  I am sure more people will buy the NEX-7 if the sensor is the excellent 16MP one used in the NEX-5N, especially if at a lower price point.  Alas, camera makers yield to their marketing department, instead of making sensible, balanced, affordable camera equipment that real camera enthusiasts want.  Instead of gitapixels sensors, why not an excellent 16MP full frame sensor that have good dynamic range, excellent colour depth, clean high ISO?  With today's technology, it's so easy to accomplish.

I know I sound like I am beating a dead horse, but perhaps, if more of us complain and let the manufacturers know, there is a chance, however minute, that they would listen.  So, let our voices be heard!

Colourful Streetcar -- NEX-5N & Canon FD 35mm f2.


  1. Here's the rub, camera manufacturer's are companies that are out to make a profit. If they think they can make a profit from enthusiasts, they will. If they think they can make a profit from a regular consumer, they will also. The bottom line is companies design products to maximise their profits. I believe we would never have seen a camera like the NEX7 if there wasn't the feedback from enthusiasts on the original NEX. That some people may not see the value of the 24 MP sensor, is in Sony's mind, significantly out weighed by the people who are attracted to it because of such a chip.

  2. help is on the way!

  3. @lucindale: True. Most businesses are in for the profits. I just think that when engineering is driven by marketing, it's sad.

    @mflove: It would be interesting to see what Fuji brings to the table. The EVIL market is getting crowded, and it's a good thing!