Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Exploding Bokeh #2

Roses -- NEX-5N & Vivitar Series-1 28mm f1.9 OM Mount at f1.9. Click for larger.

The Vivitar 28mm f1.9 Series-1 has one of the most interesting bokeh of all the lenses I own.  Not saying it's good, but very different.  Just out of curiosity, I checked eBay and this lens is still selling for $170-$200.  I just sold the MD mount version at my yard sale for almost half that.  Old manual focus lens prices have skyrocketed.  But then again, the Canon EF 28mm f1.8 is some $690CAD.

The 28mm f1.9 is actually quite sharp at f1.9.  Very nice for low light shoots.

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