Sunday, October 2, 2011

Another Camera Show

Men at work -- NEX-5N & Zoomar Kilfitt 90mm f2.8 Makro. Click for larger.

Went to another photo show today, but managed not to spend too much this time.  Picked up a couple of lenses and a couple of enlarging lenses, one of which is a EL-Nikkor 63mm f3.5.  This lens has been rumored to have the capabilities to produce photographs in the UV spectrum, and thus the price was very high.  Not sure what the situation is now, but I thought it would be a nice complement to my EL-Nikkor 50mm f2.8.  Held it to my NEX-5N and took a test picture, and indeed it's an extremely sharp lens.

Also picked up a Canon FD 35mm f2.  The lens is in pretty bad cosmetic shape, but the optic is clean.  This is the first fast wide angle Canon FD lens I have.  The FD 35mm f2 is a highly regarded lens and I can confirm that it's optically superb.  Took some shots against the Olympus 35mm f2 and two things were noticeable.  The colour is warmer on the Canon and the OM 35/2 is more neutral.  The Canon is slightly sharper at f2 and even the edge (on the NEX-5N) is very good wide open.  Can't wait to shoot some pictures with it.  

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