Monday, October 24, 2011

Streetcar in the Evening Sun

Streetcar -- NEX-5N & Carl Zeiss Jena Sonnar 200mm f2.8 (M42)

The sunset today was spectacular.  I love this kind of lighting in the evening where everything basks in a layer of warm golden ray.  But it's difficult to photograph because the dynamic range is huge.

The Carl Zeiss Jena Sonnar 200mm f2.8 has been neglected for a long time.  Used it very sparingly, like 3 or 4 times in the last few years.  For one thing, it's not easy hand holding a big lens like this and get sharp pictures without tripod.  On the NEX-5, it's equivalent to a 300mm f2.8 lens in terms of angle of view, making it very difficult to focus.  But, it's a nice lens with beautiful bokeh.


  1. Hi,

    Its always a pleasure to come around here to watch your battle for good light and fight for perfect lens camera combination. To a degree .... lets say 25 % ...... I am as addicted to legacy glass as you (my sleep is still ok).

    Somewhere you mentioned, that high densitiy sensors, like Canon 7D / EOS550D, is not built to use with legacy glass or at least image quality will never be up to par with a fullframe camera.

    Do I have to expect only small improvement if I buy the new Pentax K-5? At the moment I am satisfied with an old Pentax D200 (10Mpix sensor) and get real good results using old Pentax PK lenses.

    Can you give a short statement on that?

    Thanks in advance. Ralf

    By the way: I would be curious to see Canon 7D shots, with the above mentioned constraint or mediocre image quality. You have a link?