Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fuji Is to Enter the EVIL Game

Back to the Future?  -- NEX-5N & Leica-R 28mm f2.8. Click for larger.

Fujifilm has announced that they will be creating a mirrorless camera system ready for Spring of 2012.  So now every major and minor camera makers has their own EVIL camera, except Canon.  I am sure Canon will not let everybody else have all the fun.  I will bet that they will announce their own EVIL camera in 2012.  Hopefully it won't be a let down like the Nikon 1.

I am looking forward to the Fuji mirrorless.  Their claimed the sensor will have more resolution, and image quality better than any of today's full frame or APS-C sensors.  That's a pretty tall order to fill, but I hope it will be true.  Fuji is one of those oddball companies that occasionally has something brilliant/different.  In a way, they are like Ricoh, who does things their own way.

Perhaps, 2012 will be a year of the EVIL and full frame cameras.


  1. fingers crossed

    back when the super ccd came out I didn't fully grasp why it was better and bought a Nikon Coolpix instead ... funny innit

  2. I never took the time to understand the super ccd either, but the dynamic range for jpeg were truly impressive from the S3/S5. I am looking forward to their 3-layer sensor!

  3. 3-Layer? Were the Fuji guys working on Sigmalike 3-Layer sensor? This would surprise me.

    The Tramway picture is excellent. Raindrops in front of the lens? Postprocessing?

  4. @scarlatti: I think Fuji patented a 3-layer sensor design (so was Canon, I believe).

    I shot the above picture inside my car and it was raining outside :)