Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Fresh Wounds -- Panasonic G1 & Kodak 63mm f2.7 C-Mount

One strange thing I noticed with many of my cine lenses, is that the more you stop down, the more severe the vignetting is.  This is the opposite of what a 35mm lens would be, where the vignetting usually appears in wide apertures.

For most 16mm cine lenses, they still work best with the Micro 4/3 cameras as they vignette less, due to their smaller sensor size.  I find my attention is shifting back to cine lenses in the last few days.  I am quite attracted to the attributes of these lenses which in many cases differ greatly from normal 35mm lenses.  Yes, they will become boring after a while, but for some subjects, they produce interesting pictures.

Kodak cine lenses occupy a place in my heart.  These wonderful silver coloured little lenses are just fantastic. This 63mm lens has two version.  A 63mm f2 and a 63mm f2.7.  Both are nice lenses.  The f2.7 version comes with close focus capabilties, while the f2 version is obviously faster, almost by a full stop.  I will compare the two of them when I get a chance, hopefully when the flowers start to blossom.

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