Thursday, April 7, 2011

Metropolitan United Church

Metropolitan United Church -- NEX-5 & Carl Zeiss Jena Pancolar 80mm f1.8.

I think last year this time, we had a real spring with green leaves, flowers, and warm weather.  This year spring came late, and we have had lousy weather so far.  I shouldn't really complain. After all, there have been much worse things happened else where in the world.

The Pancolar 80mm f1.8 is one of my favourite lenses.  At one point, it was pretty much bolted to my camera for an entire month.  That was something, considering I have so many lenses I like to use and I like to use different lenses every day or two.  There was also a 50mm f1.8 Pancolar that I very much regretted I sold. They would have made a great pair.  Both of these lenses are quite sought after in the manual focus lens market.

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