Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Horsing Around #2

Acting Cool -- NEX-5 & Fuji 75mm f1.8 c-mount. 

I was shooting the phone booth on the right side of the kids and all of a sudden, they came out of the streetcar shelter and started making poses.  Due to low light and slow shutter speed, most of them didn't turn out, but this one is acceptably sharp.   I showed them the picture and they liked it and gave me their e-mail address to send them a copy.  Hopefully they have got the copy I have just sent them.


  1. There's another wannabe cool babe just peeking out of the shelter. Looks like warmer temps coming your way...they aren't wearing jackets.

  2. just had a quick look at the red only channel, which makes it black and white with a green filter on (I think?) and it looks more striking that way. Certainly better than I'd expect to get (considering how poor red and blue are normally handled on APS cameras)

  3. @Chester: the weather has been better in Toronto (warmer anyway). Nothing compares to Singapore, of course, where you guys have summer all year long.

    @obakesan: I like the B&W version in the red channel. This picture was shot at ISO 200, so the noise is not so bad.