Saturday, April 16, 2011

Kodak Cine Ektar II 25mm f1.9 -- The little lens that could

Gino's Pizza (2009) -- G1 & Kodak 25mm f1.9. Click to see larger.

I feel like a little kid in a candy store lately with the Kodak cine lenses. I tried them with the NEX-5, but the vignetting is too severe.  They are near perfect on the Panny G1.  Like them all, but the 63mm f2 and the 25mm f1.9 are two of my favourites.

The Cine Ektar II 25mm f1.9 is one of the few 25mm c-mount lenses I have tried on the G1 that does not vignette wide open.  Even stopped down a bit, it's still quite acceptable.  I would rank this lens up there with the Kern-Paillard 25mm f1.4, but the Kodak is sharper, vignettes less, and has much better corners. Of course both lenses render picture slightly differently, but in terms of value for the money, the Kodak is way up the scale.

bokeh sample -- G1 & Kodak 25mm f1.9. Click to see larger.

Like most of the Kodak cine lenses I have, this one has very stiff focusing due to dried up grease.  It will need to be cleaned, lubed and adjusted.


  1. I have both a GF1 and Nex-5, I prefer the pictures on the GF1 even though the sensor is a bit smaller.

    Funny thing is I can tell which shots were taken on what camera, even from the shots here.

    To me the light is more natural from the Lumix.

  2. @The Sound Gallery: I agree. At low ISO, I prefer the Panasonic colours and I think it's a bit sharper on my G1 than the NEX. Could be the anti-alias filter. In any case, I am not a big fan of Sony colours.

  3. What was the aperture for the gino's pizza pic? Looks great!

  4. @Mike: the lens was stopped way down. I would say at least in the f8-f11 range.