Saturday, April 30, 2011

All Fixed, I think

Loving the green -- NEX-5 & Taylor-Hobson Ortal 75mm f2 TV Lens, at F2.

My first try to fix the mount of the Taylor & Hobson 75mm F2 to a focusing helicoid, the mount was not seated properly.  Consequently, one side of the picture is blurry.  This was most pronounced when shot at infinity.  The mount was fixed with Gorilla Glue.  Tried as I might, I could not get the ^@#$@& mount off the lens.  Eventually, I had to cut the Series 8 filter ring that I used to fix the mount, and then pried it loose with a screw driver.  This darn glue is as strong at they claim.

With another series 8 filter ring I bought from the last photo show, I did it more carefully this time to ensure the mount is as even as possible.  So far, it looks good, as least much better than what it used to be.  This is one of the problems with home brew modifications, that most of us do not have machines or tools for precision fit and finish.  Hopefully, it will be good enough for general use.

I do love this lens.  Aside from its tank like built quality, the colour and tonal transition are excellent.  More pictures to come in May.  I am hoping (at least trying) to use it extensively next month, if I don't get distracted with other lenses.

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