Thursday, September 23, 2010

Premium Price for Third Rate Service

Now that most of my car's repair/services have been tended to, except the timing belt which still need to be replaced, I have taken a look at this whole fiasco with my repairs at the Toyota Dealership and found that two of the jobs done on my car are horrible.

Let's go back to the trunk door handle replacement, which I mentioned here.  Few days ago I noticed a wire sticking out from the back panel after they replace the door handle.  See picture below:

Exposed Wire after the door handle replacement. Click to see larger picture.

Yesterday, I noticed the cover plate of the window switches felt a bit funny -- there is a gap in one of the corners.  Looks like after they replace the glass in the door, they did not put in the cover plate properly.  See picture below:

The Gap. Click to see larger picture.

The other three corners are nice and flush, but this one corner sticks out.

I understand these are cosmetic issues, but just think.  This is the part of the job that I can see, how would I know how bad on the part of the job that I can't see?  This clearly shows how little attention they paid to details.

I keep hearing the Toyota ads on TV and radio, claiming that "We service your Toyota the way we built it."  Sorry, if this is the way you built your cars, I do not want to buy one.

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