Monday, September 20, 2010

Fuji X100 - The Arrival of DMD?

Shortly after the Fuji X-100 was announced, the world of photography has gone nuts.  All major photo sites and forums are talking about it, and almost gets universal praise. Why did camera manufacturers take this long to come with something that resonates with so many, including me, who never liked rangefinders.

Barring the high prices, this camera will sell like hotcakes, but I am afraid the initial price will be too expensive for most people.  Rumor suggest that the initial price will be something like $1500-$1700, and that's very close to the Leica X-1 territory.  True, the Epson RD-1 was something like $3500 at introduction, which did not include a lens, but has interchangeable mounts.  I think a price of $900-$1000 is reasonable.  Look at it this way: how much does a very good 35mm f2 lens cost these days?  About $300-$400, and that's not counting the Leica.

I can see why a camera like this ignites a fire in so many, especially the older generations who owned film rangefinder cameras before.  It's pocketable, behaves like a rangefinder, with expected very high image quality.  But, can it be the Decisive Moment Digital (DMD)?  If the focusing is fast, and shutter lag is fast like a film version, I think there is a good chance the X-100 is very close to be one.  There are so many things done right about this camera: 12MP, small but fast 35mm f2 equivalent lens, optical viewfinder (and tis one has both OVF and EVF), excellent image quality, analog knobs, and a nice retro style.

Can't wait for the review of the production camera.  If the price comes out to be close the the GF1, then I can already hear the angels sing!

Lines -- G1 & Kit Lens.


  1. ahh, but I see you've also observed this now that I read your previous post ;-)

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