Thursday, August 5, 2010

Men at Work

Men at Work -- 1D IIn & Kinopik Special Cine 210mm f2.8

Feeling lazy lately and wasn't actively taking pictures, even though I have had my camera with me.  Decided to take a walk around the back of AGO, and saw these two men working on the chimney.  Took along the Kinoptik 210mm f2.8 (T3) cine lens, but somehow, this lens works best with the 5D.  I mean it works fine on the 1D IIn, but it seems to lack something that was present on the pictures taken with the 5D.  In any case, this Kinoptik is one of my favourite cine lenses, certainly one of the most expensive cine lens I have paid for, and I am sure it will also be the last.

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