Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sony A900 -- A Couple of Samples

Met up with mawz again this afternoon (yeah the camera store is like our second home now) and this time we took some samples with the A900 fitted with a Sony 50mm f1.4 lens. Only shot a few frames at ISO 200 and 400, but that already give me some ideas of what I can expect. Disappointingly, a camera that's released in 2009 has about the same high ISO performance as the 5-year old 1D Mark II. There is already quite a bit of noise at ISO 400 and the shadow shows noise even at ISO 200. This sensor reminds me of the Kodak SLR/c 14MP Canon mount full frame. Lots of noise when under exposed even slightly. But, the A900 delivers lots of details with its 25MP sensor. The auto white balance is also excellent.

For a guy like me, who despites flash, high ISO performance is important to me. I am eagerly awaiting the next generation "Exmor R" Sony sensors with back illuminated technology. I do believe this will be game changing sensor from Sony which will push Canon and other sensor makers to come up with competing technologies. Exciting times, indeed.

Adam (mawz) playing with the Canon 5D II -- A900 with 50mm f1.4 @ f1.7, ISO 400. Larger Picture.

Marc -- One of the nicest sales person at the Outlet Store. A900 with 50mm f1.4 @f1.7, ISO 400. Larger Picture.


  1. One thing I noticed when processing the shots I took is that they were a lot cleaner when processed through CaptureOne than what Adobe Camera RAW produced. The ISO 6400 shot I took was quite clean once I ran it through CaptureOne.

  2. The best raw converter for A900 is DxO 5.3.5 and new LR3.
    The jpegs turn out so good, I actually sold mt 5DMKII and got A900.
    CZ24-70 plus A900 is just out of this world!

  3. The A900/A850 is a tempting camera. Value for money is second to none. If I don't already have so many lenses invested in Canon...But, who know, it could make a nice second camera when the price comes down further.