Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Minor Upgrade

Against all my upgrade plans, I bought the plain old Canon 5D. I just don't feel comfortable plunking down $3.5K on a new camera, even if I could save up the money to buy it. After almost 5 years since its introduction, the 5D is still held in high regard with its superb high ISO performance and image quality. It's by far the best full frame that a small amount of money can buy.

So it doesn't handle as nice as the 1Ds that it replaces, and the most inconvenient aspect of it, the split screen is not available for the 5D. It does come with a grid screen but I find it even more distracting than the plain old stock screen. I probably will consider buying the EE-S screen to aid manual focus.

It's great to have full frame again. This camera with the Holy Trinity (35L, 50L & 85L) are unbeatable. Hopefully I will use the heck out of this camera, like I have with the Panasonic G1, which is now over 12,000 frames.

Canon 5D & EF 50mm f1.2L -- Taken with G1 & Minolta MD 50mm f1.4

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  1. Even with cheaper set: 28/1.8 + 50/1.4 + 85/1.8 - it's still marvellous :) More photos with FF please! ;]