Wednesday, August 19, 2009

More Minolta MD 50mm f1.2 Samples

Somehow, the MD 50mm f1.2 does not seem to ignite the spark in me, like the MC 58mm f1.2 did. It's still a great lens, no doubt, but pictures from the 58/1.2 just seemed, well, pleasing. Could it be the nicer bokeh? Perhaps. Maybe it's the feeling of the all metal construction of the 58/1.2 that I like, or, the fact that I now have a 5D and use the G1 much less. For whatever, reason, I haven't been using the MD 50mm f1.2 as much as I thought I would. It could be that I need to spend a little more time to cultivate the bonding with it :)

Bus stop shelter -- G1 & Minolta MD 50mm f1.2 @ f1.2, ISO 400. Larger picture.

Lingerie hanging in the display window. Very eye catching -- G1 & MD 50mm f1.2 @ f2. Larger picture.

Super shallow DOF -- G1 & MD 50mm f1.2 with Leica Elpro 3 close filter @ f1.2. Larger Picture.


  1. i felt the same way about the 58 and 50. The portability of the 50 1.2 is nice, but i have more successful photographs from the 58. Did you notice an orange hue on the photos taken with the 58?

  2. I shot all my photos in RAW so a bit of color cast didn't really bother me. But, I never noticed the orange hue in the 58/1.2.

  3. The 50 1.2 shots look too soft except for portrait
    I had a very sharp 57mm 1.2 Hexanon. Maybe the 50 was sold as it needed adjustment?