Sunday, March 24, 2013

New Toys from the Camera Show

I was debating whether or not to go the camera show today; last time I went, I spent more than I should and didn't get anything unique. In the end, gear addiction won, and my body had to follow so camera show I went. Met a few old friends there which was nice.  Ever since the old Henry's Outlet Store moved, those of us used to hang out there no longer see each other much, except at photo shows.

In a way, I am glad I went today. Got a few unique lenses, and most importantly, they are very reasonably priced. The Pancolar 50mm f2, which I owned a copy before but had problems, and sold it at the yard sale at give away price. The copy I got today is a beaut. It's in very nice condition and came in the Exakta mount. This lens will be a nice complement to my Pancolar 80mm f1.8.  We will see how it performs. If the Pancolar 80mm f1.8 is any indication, the 50mm f2 will be a fine lens.

Steve, who talked about Topcon lenses in the comments section of this post got me intrigued in these lenses. Ever since, I have had my eye and ear open for them and today my wish is partially fulfilled. Got a Topcon body with two beautiful lenses: 58mm f1.8 and 10cm (100mm) f2.8. Both lenses are in excellent condition. Frankly, I am overjoyed. Don't much care about the camera body, though it is in equality nice shape, but these lenses really make you fall in love with them. Steve is right, these are great lenses. I would probably try to get a collection of the Auto-Topcor and find the 28mm, 35mm, 85mm,  135mm and the 58mm f1.4 and any other focal lengths that they made.

Can't wait for the colors of spring to roll around and try out these lenses.

Three Amigos - Pancolar 50mm f2, Topcor 58mm f1.8, Torcor 10cm f2.8. Click for larger.


  1. ..........if Spring ever decides to turn up, that is. I didn't go to the show today due to other commitments, but of course wished I did.

    1. Yeah. Winter seems to linger on this year. Sometimes you get lucky and get something nice for a good price :)