Sunday, March 10, 2013

Garbage Bins

I often wonder what would happen to our living space when we can no longer economically get rid of the increasingly large amount of garbage we produce. A city of a few million people can generate an unbelievable amount of trash. Already, in Toronto, we ran out of landfills, and we were trucking some of our trash to Michigan in the US but that had to stop few years ago, as the Americans had enough of our junk. Now, we are still looking for a site to dump the waste. It will be only a matter of time before the new site fills up, and then what? What would happen 200 years, or 500 years from now? Unless we have fusion engines that uses trash as fuel, we'd better look for a better solution.

Garbage Bins - NEX-6 & Sigma Mini-Wide 28mm f2.8 @f8, Contax Mount. Click for larger


  1. A few years ago there was a big dispute about garbage in Naples, Italy (the whole garbage business is controlled by the "mafia" there) and before they worked it out (sort of), the garbage was just left in the streets, which was for several months. I wasn't there to see it myself, but I know some people who were and they say it was like Wall-E! To make things worse this lasted throughout the summer. :o

    1. We had our share of the stinky garbage problem when the city works went on strike, a few times. The last one lasted a few weeks, but the residents of Toronto practiced restrained and did our part to keep the streets clean and the problem didn't get very bad.