Sunday, June 17, 2012

Using Long Lenses with the Sony FDA-EV1S Eelectonic View Finder

One of the reason I got the EVF for the NEX-5N was to help get more usable pictures with longer lenses.  If you have ever tried using long lenses, even a 135mm lens, without the EVF, you will know that it is difficult to focus, because the narrow angle of view magnifies the shakiness on the LCD screen.  If you are taking pictures in bright light, the washed out picture on the LCD makes it even more difficult.  By focusing with an EVF, the lens is somewhat more stabilized as the camera is held against your eye.

To me, focusing through the view finder is far more natural than holding the camera at arms length, which compromises camera stability. Still, it's quite difficult to focus with long lenses due to narrow angle of view, but much better than without EVF. Is it worth buying the Sony EVF for the 5N?  I would say yes, though I think the price is pretty steep for an EVF.

Blue flowers -- NEX-5N & Minolta RF Rokkor-X 250mm f5.6. Click for larger.

The requisite cat picture -- NEX-5N & Meyer-Optik Primotar 180mm f3.5. Click for larger.

Highlight -- NEX-5N & Minolta RF Rokkor-X 250mm f5.6. Click for larger.

Couple -- NEX-5N & Birns & Sawyer 150mm f3 Cine Lens

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