Friday, June 8, 2012

Canon T4i -- Hybrid CMOS Sensor

Beauty -- NEX-5N & Tewe 200mm f3.2 Cine Lens. Click for larger.

Canon has introduced the latest Rebel -- 650D or T4i with some interesting new features.  Among them is the hybrid CMOS sensor that has a phase detect capabilities built on the image sensor itself, à la  Nikon V1/J1.  Personally, think this is the future of sensor design and where all of Canon's sensor will have this feature in the future.  There are many benefits: reduced cost of the camera when this feature replaces the dedicated phase detect AF sensor, faster auto focus in live-view, continuous auto focus in video mode, and more importantly, when combined with contrast detect auto focus, a far more accurate auto focus system than just phase detect AF, as we know contrast detect AF is more accurate than phase detect.  With AF built right on the image sensor also means that even by itself, it will be more accurate because that's basically what the image sensor sees.

Without doubt, the coming Canon EVIL camera will have a hybrid AF sensor.  With this, the Nikon J1/V1 will no longer have any unique capabilities over the competition (at least for Canon).  I want to see this feature refined to a point where the on-sensor AF will replace the dedicated AF sensor, to achieve near 100% focus accuracy.

Will this be the beginning of the end for back-focus and front focus, that's so dear to the hearts of DSLR users?  I hope so.

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  1. Great to know Nikon V1/J1 have the phase detective focus system. Back n front focus is such a pain for using Pentax DSLR with old manual lens (Aperture < f3.5). Have you experienced focus issue with Canon or Nikon DSLRs with old manual lenses? Thx in advance.

    P/S - Thx for all the articles you share with us. Cheers!