Friday, March 18, 2011

Rail Bridge in Infrared

Rail Bridge -- Canon 20D IR Modified. Click for larger.

The last time we rode the bike up the Don River bike path was a few years ago.  It was a nice ride in the summer.  Dillon, Ryan and I decided to take the same path again today.  The scene was very different from the last time, being in the winter  Because it was a weekday, the path was very light with only a few fellow bikers here and there.  Too bad we didn't go all the way but far enough for a good ride.


  1. nice stuff, thinking of an IR modded camera myself

  2. obakesan, have you tried IR filters? Sometimes I think it's not worth the money to modify the camera, unless you use it a lot.

  3. yes, I have, but it often results in VERY long exposures ... I still have some HIE in the fridge, but after that ...