Friday, March 4, 2011

Old City Hall in a Distance

Old City Hall -- NEX-5 & Kiron 28mm f2.0

Kiron made a few nice fast wide angles.  The two I have tried and liked are 24mm f2, and 28mm f2.  Both of them are very good lenses.  This picture was taken with a Canon FD mount 28mm f2.  Very good performance for an old lens.  There are Vivitar twins of this lens (and the 24mm f2) out there.  The FD/MD/KR versions of this lens is still dirt cheap. Perfect on the NEX or Micro 4/3 cameras.

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  1. Agreed. I have owned a couple of these. Better on 4/3 and APS-C formats though. On full frame they both have way too much light fall off in the corners - much worse than the equivalent MF Nikons (which admittedly are a lot more expensive)