Sunday, March 27, 2011

Last Camera Show at Thornhill Community Center

Today marked the last camera show at the Thornhill Community Center.  This show has been running for more than a decade.  For whatever reason, the community center no longer allows this show to continue, which really is too bad, as it's accessible and lots of parking spaces.

I picked up a few pieces of old stuff, as usual.  Struck a good deal for a Flectogon 35mm f2.8 in Exakta mount for $10.  I had this lens in M42 mount before and it's a good performer.  This lens has a quite a following.  One notable features of this lens is its extremely close focusing capability.  It can be used as a macro lens as it focuses as close as 0.18 meters, or 0.6 ft.  Lens is in excellent condition complete with original box.  I have a few lenses in Exakta mount, but don't have an adapter for the NEX.  The adapters I have for EOS are not very good. None of them allow the lenses to focus to infinity.

Another goodie I picked up is the Fuji 75mm f1.8 c-mount lens for a very good price of $30.  These days, anything that has a c-mount has become very expensive.  Very surprised to find that there is no vignetting on the NEX-5.  Even the corners are acceptable when stopped down to around f11.  Sharp as a knife, and beautifully built.  All metal barrel with large aperture and focusing rings, making it very easy to use.  Took a few shots with it, and already like it a lot. Only complain is its relatively long minimum focusing distance.

Other bits and pieces picked up at the show includes a Vivitar 24mm f2 in Canon FD mount.  Already has a Nikon mount of this lens, both are built by Komine (serial #22), as well as Kiron version in OM mount.  Only reason I bought it because it's cheap and in such great condition.  This reason is primarily responsible for so many lenses I have, and often with duplicates.  Buy them because I think they are cheap!  Other stuff I picked up are Takumar SMC 50mm f1.4, SMC-A 50mm f1.7 and an EL-Nikkor 50mm f2.8 enlarging lens -- all because they are cheap :)  Buying too much cheap stuff can really bankrupt you!

Bikes -- NEX-5 & Fuji 75mm f1.8 @ f2.8 or f4. Click to enlarge.


  1. I have a Flektogon 35mm f2.4 and like it a lot. Other than max aperture what are the differences between the 2.8 and 2.4 versions.

    I believe the Vivitar is a Kino (Kiron) and not Komine. A Komine would have a serial beginning with 28.

    You lucked out with your Fuji 75mm find. I've been looking for one for a long time but have never found one at a reasonable price. I did find a like new Navitar 75 1.3 and it's good too....


  2. @Paul,

    Thanks for pointing out my mistake regarding the Vivitar serial. You are correct, of course.

    As for the Flektogons, the f2.4 is newer design with better coating. I had a Flektogon 35mm f2.4 once, but unfortunately it was defective with half of the frame blurry, so I really can't say. I do believe the newer version (f2.4) should be slightly better.

    The new Fuji 75mm f1.8s are now made in China. Older ones were made in Japan. Not saying the Chinese made version is not as good, but they look more plastic to me. If time permits, I will do a comparison between the Kern Paillard 75mm f1.9, Angenieux 75mm f2.5, and the Fuji. I do think the Fuji has a slightly larger imaging circle.

  3. That's too bad there will be no more shows at the Thornhill Community Center.