Thursday, October 7, 2010

Smashed Pumpkin

Smashed Pumpkin - G1 & Canon FD 200mm f4. Click to enlarge.

I was eagerly waiting for the Canon FD 50mm f1.2 to arrive, and I was very happy and excited when it did.  Alas, excitement and happiness was short lived.  The lens is in beautiful condition, and I would rate it mint cosmetically, but it won't stop down.  ^@&%!  But I have decided to keep it, because I bought it at a very good price, although the seller rated it e++.  Perhaps the e stood for error?  Anyways, I am hoping to have it fixed.  I took a few test shots wide open with the G1 and the lens shows promise.  Very sharp in the center, with only a hint of blooming in strong lights, but in low light, it should be beautiful.  Compared to my FL 55mm f1.2, it's a marked improvement.

In the meantime, I took out the Breech Lock FD 200mm f4 for the first time on a digital camera.  The lens is sharp enough, but  I think the sharpness of the pictures have been compromised by the very strong winds this afternoon when I took them.  Strong wind plus 400mm equivalent focal length is not a good combination.  I am quite happy.  A very usable lens wide open.

Taxis -- G1 & FD 200mm f4. Click to enlarge.

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