Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Seeing in near Darkness

Hanging Flower Pot - Panasonic GF1 & JML 25mm f0.95 @ f0.95

One of the reasons we love super fast lenses is that we can take pictures in very dim conditions.  It would be a bonus if that fast lens is usable wide open.  Two cheap fast lenses I have been using extensively are JML 25mm f0.95 and the sister lens JML 50mm f0.95 TV Lenses.  The 50mm is very large and heavy, but the 25mm is petite.  Both are well made and unfortunately only comes in c-mount.  Although cheap, both lenses are actually quite usable at f0.95.  Sure, they are no Noctilux, but do give you very interesting pictures wide open.  It can pretty much throw any back ground out of focus if focused at minimum focusing distance.

Too bad the 25mm doesn't cover the entire sensor of the micro 4/3 format, and has severe vignetting, and edges are very blurry, but I like it, a lot.


  1. The bokeh is psychedelic. I guess with the heavy vignetting you just need to choose your subject matter carefully to make it work for you. In the case of your hanging flower pot it works very well.

    By the way, I never really liked operating MF lenses without a viewfinder. This is why I'll stick to my GH-1. The NEX is interesting but I'd have to reserve any comment until I get a hold of one WITH the EVF attachment then I need some E-Mount to FD and Nikon adapters.

    I've been playing with a Cosina 20-35mm f3.5-4.5 on my GH-1 (Nikon mount). Wish it was a f2/2.8 but it isn't. Nice for shooting video and I could never think of affording the 7-14mm. Also had a little play with the C-Mount 25mm. Settled on the Cosina for versatility.

    Now trying my hand with the Lumix LX5. Nice take one thing and stuff in a pocket (big pocket) and not having to worry about lenses and still have creative control.

    Some major issues with it and the CCD sensor though. Waiting for an answer from Panasonic on why, how or if it is possible to address the CCD issue.

  2. Chester,

    I totally agree with you regarding the viewfinder. The great EVF in the G1/GH1 helps MF lenses immensely.

    You seem to be busy with lots of new toys! Can't wait hear how you find the NEX-5 with manual lenses. I am really interested in this camera.